This project consisted of redesigning the Philips dotCom and defining a new language design language that would be implemented on all digital touchpoints.

Philips’ massive size, complex organization and significant legacy posed monumental challenges to our task. 

Company: Code d'azur   Role: Design Lead and DS Specialist 


The Design System

With the task of a redesign comes implementing a new design language and an opportunity to push and evolve the brand visually. We developed principles and traits that helped us to be consistent in how we saw the brand and, therefore, consistent in our design decisions.


The Overview

While designing a design system, our multidisciplinary teams created and tested complete journeys. We delivered flexible templates, standardizing Philips's digital experience, ending the market-based solution, and transitioning to a global one.


Haarlemmerweg 45H, 1051KP, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.