I created this project with a single idea: A critic of the world we are living in. Everyone searches for the newest devices and gadgets, the next great thing. Even if they don't need them. Consumption. The idea is to create a device that promises everything and delivers close to nothing. None of the information provided by it can be verified, so the Dummy Watch is only able to give the correct time, hours, and minutes. And probably, one day, not even that.


The Insight

Most of the people don't use their devices 100%. Still, they want the next one, the one that promises the most. Even if they will never truly understand or use it. With this in mind, I created the Dummy Watch.


How it works

The user has a lot of choices to pick from. After interacting with one of the options featured in the watch, the information will change, revealing that the watch is performing a task or already did it. All the time, the data can't be confirmed.


Haarlemmerweg 45H, 1051KP, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.