Al Arabiya is a tv news station based in Dubai. The project consisted of re-shaping the middle east's media landscape by refreshing their digital presence and creating a visual language that met their values and vision, in other words, giving the middle east a voice worth looking at. I arrived after the first sprints to solve initial problems and guide them towards a more consistent and robust product.


The New Language

We developed a modular design system that could pass the test of time by removing all distractions, making it feel clean, simple, and easy to follow. The consistency and the playfulness of the system allowed the editorial team to produce dynamic layouts with minimal effort.


The Product

We re-designed the full digital ecosystem for Al Arabiya. In total, we developed the website in three breaking points, plus the two existing apps in two different languages, English and Arabic. It was an exciting challenge for us, as one it is written and read left to right and the other right to left, plus the distinctive alphabet and inherent complexities.

UI Showcase Mockup Pack by Anthony Boyd Graphics

The Overview

We created a space where the news is the star. A unique product that helps the user deep dive into meaningful and relevant information, without compromising. A product that offers a calm atmosphere and transforms the news media landscape in the middle east, providing a fresh approach to a much-needed sector.

Role: Design Lead.


Haarlemmerweg 45H, 1051KP, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.