The Logo.

We create the new logo for Van Lanshot Private Bank. The brief was clear, bring something new but keeping all the bank history, the heritage, the values and the recognisability. The idea was to make a brand refresh, bring it up to date, making it younger, more vibrant, but still solid. This was our result.


Omnichannel Experience.

We create the new vision for Van Lanschot. We not only changed the Logo but also all the digital touchpoints. In the new Art Direction we use illustration as the main focus for the stories that we want to tell. In the other way, we use a very minimal layout, where the customer can navigate easily and find clear information.


The Apps.

In this new vision, the major focus went to the digital world. Apps beeing a very important part of Van Lanschot digital world, we show here what me made with navigation, all time available chat option, and some other visual styles, as illustration without background, as use of infographics as use of a graphic element in the photography creating a frame look.